How to Join?

Just easy to be a member.

All ISP's and Companies has an ASN can join ISTIX. ISTIX is located most major datacenters and also can available at you own location via COMNET ON-NET access.

Direct Connect

ISTIX is already located major datacenters in istanbul and counting. You can easly cross connect direclt to ISTIX peering platform. If you have Comnet Fiber ON-NET access on your location. You can also have direct connection to ISTIX peering network..

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How to Connect?

1- You need to have an AS Number (RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, ARIN)
2- Choose your bandwith and port capacity
3-And apply via Resellers or Partners..

Via Partners

*You will have an access to customer portal to view details about your peering details..

istix'e Uzaktan Bağlanın

Eğer bulunduğunuz bölgede bir istix Pop Noktası yoksa tünel vasıtasıyla istix'e bağlanabilirsiniz.
Tunnel paketlerimiz ve fiyat teklifleri için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

İletişime Geç / Teklif İste